geo distributed

geo distributed load tests

for your API 🗺️


Constellation is an open-source, serverless, framework that simplifies geographically distributed API load testing

Geo distributed load testing ~ simplified 🌎

Constellation can simulate loads of up to 10,000 concurrent users from all across the globe. Tests can be of any duration, from minutes to hours or longer. Users can also see the results of their load test in an easy-to-read locally installed visualizer app.

Global Tests

With 26 regions to choose from, you can simulate real user-traffic to your API from around the world.

Easy scripting

Powered by NodeJS and the Axios library, it is easy to script how users interact with your API.

No platform fees

You only pay the AWS charges stemming from the infrastructure spun up to run your test.


Use Constellation's visualizer to get insights about the performance of your API.